Zebulon Perron + Associés is an award-winning, internationally recognized design firm specializing in commercial interiors, architectural and industrial design. The firm is renowned for spaces that blend art, rigor, and curiosity into iconic, intimate interiors with finely engineered workspaces at their cores. In our practice we approach each project by simultaneously developing the design of the space and the social interactions that occur within.

Our brilliant clients are the true masterminds behind our work. They come to us with their dreams, their drive, their invaluable expertise and we bring the rigor, experience, and imagination to the table. We work best with those who aren't afraid to push our buttons and boundaries and always find the most interesting design solutions in tangents, detours, accidents, and productive procrastination.

The drawings and details are worked out in the office but we intentionally leave time and space to discover alternative possibilities where we least expect. Our team is eternally curious; we travel and explore; we keep our eyes and attitudes open and arrive to work each day with rough ideas and visual scraps from art, film, fashion, books and distant places. But it is the context of Montreal, the past lives of old buildings, and the forgotten stories told by found objects where we discover the richest inspiration. 

We also find enormous potential in considering the details most others overlook and use every new project as an opportinity to experiment with new approaches to old questions. In every project we incorporate custom furniture, millwork, and lighting which is designed in-house and handmade by talented local craftsmen.

We might be obsessed with perfecting our own details but still celebrate the character of decay in places and things that show a residue of history and use. We fuse the two layers with visual puns, dramatic or directive lighting, and plays on form and texture to bring poeticism to the mundane and relevance to the absurd. The results are environments that are feel immediately familiar but complex enough to hold our interest over decades.

We appreciate the enormous trust that our clients place in our abilities and owe it to them to elevate the public experience of their work. The subtitles of Simone's wine are illuminated in the glow of Buvette's custom lamps. Impasto's warm, open atmosphere makes it easy to imagine that the intoxicating blend of sage, butter, and love on our plates is the same that chef Stefano Faita serves to his own family.

And we appreciate when we see our client's work elevate our own—the frenzied cult following surrounding Jeffery Finkelstein's bread exemplifies the complexity and depth that can develop from simple, common ingredients. We borrowed Jeffery's approach while developing Hof Kelsten's stark pallet of raw plywood and neon.

But we are most interested in elevating the temperature of human interactions—Furco's interior sparks with exquisite tension between beautiful strangers at the bar but interrupts it with moments of disarming intimacy. Every night a different pair find themselves alone together in the dark (for the first of many times we imagine) innocently washing their hands in the same pool of water.

People arrive to our spaces as strangers but return over the years with a shared history and new appreciation for Montreal's most familiar places. We're proud to see our work so deeply rooted in the collective memory of the city and reflect the spirit of Montreal.